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Why You Should Work Out With Different Muay Thai Trainers

While loyalty to one trainer is a good thing, it is sometimes necessary to try to seek out other trainers. Although you may find yourself feeling strange by doing so, there are plenty of benefits to working

Why Traditional Thai Boxing Methods Aren’t As Outdated As You Think

If you’ve ever tried training Muay Thai in Thailand, you’ll see that most of the gyms there are old school. You won’t see anyone strength training there, nor will you see trainers utilizing modern sport science training

The Importance of Learning Muay Thai Fundamentals

If I told you that you’d only need a handful of techniques to be successful in an amateur fight, would you believe me? While it’s easy to think of Muay Thai as full of flashy spinning elbows,

Strength Training and Muay Thai

First things first, let’s clear up a few misconceptions. First of all, strength training is not bodybuilding. It’s far from it. It’s also not powerlifting, and it sure is definitely not crossfit. It’s also definitely not messing

Protein Powder and Muay Thai

With so many photos of muscled men and women plastered across magazines, it’s no wonder people are turning to supplements to gain quick results. After all, who doesn’t want to gain an easy, if not unfair, advantage,

Muay Thai Vs MMA

Muay Thai Vs MMA Mixed Martial Arts and Muay Thai are both full-contact combat sports that’s gained traction over the past few years. Because most people tend to mix them up with each other, we’ve taken the

How To Pep Talk Yourself To Doing Better in Muay Thai

Most of us don’t realize just how big of an impact the conversations that go on inside our heads have on our daily lives. In training for example, it can have such a profound effect that it

How To Develop Confidence in Your Guard

To prevent yourself from getting hit too much and ultimately, avoid having to deal with head injuries and concussions, it’s important that you have a good defense. A key element of a good defense in Muay Thai

Five Tips To Help You Learn How To Throw A Proper Jab

The jab is your quickest weapon in Muay Thai. It’s a quick strike that lets you maintain a strong defensive position. Offensively, you can use it to score points and scout for openings. Meanwhile, defensively, jabs can

Five Sparring Tips For Muay Thai Beginners

Five Sparring Tips For Muay Thai Beginners If you actually plan to actually get better at Muay Thai, then you best make sure that you add sparring to your training regimen. Sparring can help you practice new