Why You Should Work Out With Different Muay Thai Trainers

While loyalty to one trainer is a good thing, it is sometimes necessary to try to seek out other trainers. Although you may find yourself feeling strange by doing so, there are plenty of benefits to working out with different trainers.


Listed below are some of the ways working out with different trainers can benefit your Muay Thai.

  1. It allows you to compare. It’s pretty simple. How do you know if your trainer is good if you don’t have anyone to compare them to? The more you’ve worked with different trainers, the easier it is to separate the good ones from the bad.

Working with new trainers allows you to compare and eventually, find someone that can help teach you stuff that your previous trainer might’ve missed or couldn’t teach you. For this very same reason, you’d want to work out with a few trainers first before settling down and choosing one to workout with long-term.


  1. It’s a whole new experience. Just as every fighter has their own style; trainers too are different from each other. Although the basic techniques will remain the same, trainers have different approaches to the more advanced techniques, as well as in ring strategy. Case in point, try asking two trainers how to counter a specific type of fighter and you’ll end up getting two different answers.boxer-652403_960_720
  2. It makes you uncomfortable (at first). Working with the same trainer for months, if not years, breeds complacency and complacency leads to lack of improvements. Switching things up and working with a new trainer will allow you to mix up your old routine, help make it more exciting and force you to stay on your toes throughout the whole routine. This certainly will make you feel uncomfortable at first, but that’s not exactly a bad thing if it leads to improvement.sports-1166899_960_720
  3. You get a fresh pair of eyes to fix your bad habits. When you’ve been working with the same trainer for a long time, chances are, they’ve stopped reminding you of your bad habits, especially if you don’t lost. The pad rounds then become less about learning something new, and more about conditioning. Although improved conditioning isn’t bad, leaving your bad habits as they are certainly isn’t good either. This is where working with a new trainer comes in.

Having a new pair of eyes critique your technique could certainly help you realize your bad habits. More importantly, a new trainer may show you a new, if not more effective, way of doing things.

It Takes Two To Tango

Work with different trainers. Stick with one if you like him or her. Then, after a year or two, ask for a recommendation or look for a new trainer so you may switch things up and get a new look on pads. But of course, your trainers are just one part of the equation. You also have to do your part as well.

To progress, grow and improve as a fighter, you not only need to choose the right trainers, but you also need to have the initiative to improve as well.

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