Five Sparring Tips For Muay Thai Beginners

Five Sparring Tips For Muay Thai Beginners

If you actually plan to actually get better at Muay Thai, then you best make sure that you add sparring to your training regimen.

Sparring can help you practice new techniques, and at the same time, reinforce what you’ve already learned. It can help you develop timing and recognition, both of which are important in an actual fight.

Below are five sparring tips that will definitely help you get the most out of your sparring.


    1. Do not go all out. Sparring is not a real fight. It’s more of a simulated and toned down version of the real thing. This means that you’ve got no business going 100% while sparring. Instead, start slow and don’t even think about trying to KO your sparring partner. Doing so not only is stupid, but it’s also quite dangerous. Remember, you are sparring to help improve your technique, not to knock someone down. The same goes for your partner, so be sure to work together. Of course, hard sparring is different, and certainly has its advantages. But, being a beginner, you probably won’t be doing any hard sparring anytime soon.
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      1. Come in with a plan. Before you spar, you should always have a list of things that you want to improve on. For example, you can try working on setting up your low kicks. A good way to do so is to throw that low kick after every punch. Of course, in a real fight, you’re not going to throw that low kick every time you punch. But, at the very least, doing so during your sparring sessions lets your body get used to throwing certain combinations, making it easier for you to pull it off during an actual fight.kickboxing-course-1178261_960_720
        1. Focus on learning. Before and after sparring with someone, make it a point to ask for advice. Of course, you should always thank your sparring partner, but that’s already a given. Fact is, asking for advice from your sparring partner will let you know a lot about what you need to improve upon. After all, he was at the receiving end of your blows, so they can definitely offer you tips and advice about what you can improve on. This goes both ways, though, so be sure to do the same for your sparring partner as well.
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          1. When you’re all tensed up, your body tends to be stiff and your punches, as well as kicks, become slower. You’ll also become easier to hit. Given that sparring matches are simulated matches, it’s best that you learn early on how to relax. After all, if you can’t even relax while sparring, then how much worse would you be doing in a real fight? Just be mindful and conscientious. Calm yourself down and clear your mind. Before you know, you’ll find yourself relaxed and able to practice and train your body to do what you want.
            1. There are no losers in sparring. In fact, both you and your partner are winners, as each session is a valuable learning experience for the two of you. So, relax and have fun. Don’t take things too seriously.

There’s no better way to simulate a fight in Muay Thai than to spar. The more you spar, the more chances you’ll have to improve your timing, technique and footwork, making it more likely that you become a better fighter in the future.

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