As a part of your Muay Thai experience, you want to visit some of these stadiums in Thailand. Only the very best fighters are allowed to grace some of these arenas.


New Lumpinee Stadium

The New Lumpinee Stadium (built to replace the old Lumpinee) is the most prestigious Muay Thai Stadium in Thailand. Ticket price for matches are quite expensive, so it’s worth it to go when the big fights are scheduled. However, they hold many fights there on a regular basis, so you can choose to see which level fighters you want to watch.


Rajadamnern Stadium

Built in 1945, this is one of the oldest stadiums in Thailand. The stadium is located in the Old City Centre in Bangkok, and just like Lumpinee Stadium, skilled fighters fight during the weekdays while novice fighters fight on the weekend.


Channel 7 Stadium

Only the best fighters are able to fight in this arena and best of all, there’s no entry fee. In addition, the stadium is right by the BTS and MRT skytrain station, so travelling there is much more convenient. The only downside is that the stadium gets filled very quick, so make sure you arrive about 1 hour prior.


Now that you’ve made it through this guide, be sure to do your research before flying over to Thailand. You want to make the most out of your journey and immerse yourself in authentic Muay Thai training. You might not want to leave after seeing what Thailand has to offer!